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Poster Session

The Poster Session is an excellent opportunity to present your computational and/or data-intensive research or scholarship to the Northwestern Research community at CoDEx. All areas of research and scholarship are welcome. The first-place winner will be funded up to $3,000 to attend a research conference.


Current Northwestern graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to participate. All submissions should involve research with a computational and/or data-intensive component. Postdocs are eligible to participate but are not eligible for awards. Research or scholarship from all fields are welcome. You must be available to present in person (in Evanston at Norris University Center) on April 2 to participate.

Process and Selection Criteria

Students interested in participating should submit an abstract of their work by March 4. Abstracts are limited to 300 words and should describe the research to be presented, findings, impact, and how it was enabled by using computational or data-related work. There is an additional section to describe the computational and/or data aspects of the research to be included in the poster presentation. Each student may submit one abstract as lead author.

Twenty submissions will be chosen to present a full poster at CoDEx on April 2. You must be available to present in person (in Evanston at Norris University Center) on April 2 to participate. You will be notified whether your submission has been accepted.

Poster Instructions

The 20 accepted submissions must create a poster to present their research to the general academic audience that will be attending CoDEx. Posters should not exceed 40" tall x 56" wide.

During CoDEx on April 2, poster presenters are responsible for:

  • Setting up their poster between 8:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. in the Wildcat Room in Norris. Wallboards and tacks will be provided.
  • Presenting their poster to the judges and CoDEx attendees from noon to 1 p.m. in the Wildcat Room.
  • Removing their poster between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Posters left after 4:30 p.m. will be discarded.

Evaluation Criteria

Judges will include staff, faculty, and postdocs from across research domains. Students are likely to present their poster to judges outside of their own research domain. Poster presentations will be evaluated based on content (50 percent) and on the poster and in-person presentation (50 percent).


  • The research makes effective and appropriate use of computational and/or data-intensive methods.
  • The problem or motivation for the research is clearly stated and understandable for a general academic audience.
  • Project objectives and the computational and/or data-intensive methods used to address the problem are described.
  • Project limitations and/or uncertainties are explained.
  • Results are clearly presented and appear sound, based on the material presented.
  • The discussion and conclusions reflect a credible understanding of the results and address the objective.
  • The poster includes references as appropriate.
  • Future steps are presented to increase understanding or further meet the project objective.

Poster and Presentation

  • The poster and in-person presentation follow a logical flow of information.
  • The presenter is clear, concise, and presents information appropriate for a general academic audience.
  • Poster grammar and punctuation are correct and easy to follow.
  • Graphics communicate a clear message and support text.
  • The presenter displays a sound understanding of the material and is able to clearly convey research through explanation and answering questions.


Awards will be announced between 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the McCormick Auditorium, immediately following the second keynote speaker. Only undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for awards. However, postdocs are invited to participate. 

  • First Place: Conference fees, travel, and related expenses, up to $3,000 to attend a research-related conference.
  • Second Place: $300 Visa gift card
  • Third Place: $100 Visa gift card