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Call for Participation

CoDEx will explore various topics relevant to research computing and data. The deadline to submit a proposal has passed. However, presentation types are described below.

Presentation Types

  • Lightning Talks: These fast-paced and highly focused talks are designed to showcase interesting projects, spark discussion, and ignite collaborations across diverse research fields. This format is an excellent opportunity to practice presentation and communication skills in an informal setting as speakers focus on key messages with clarity and precision versus providing the detail and depth required in a more traditional presentation. See details for presenters.
  • Visualizations: Visualizations represent your data in compelling, accessible, and impactful ways. Showcase your best static and interactive research data visualizations at CoDEx! See details for presenters.
  • Parallel Sessions: These 20-minute presentations and panel discussions highlight Northwestern students, faculty, and staff engaged in data or computationally intensive research. See details for presenters.
  • Posters: Students from all domains can present their computational and/or data-intensive research or scholarship to Northwestern faculty, students, and postdocs through a poster presentation at CoDEx. See details for presenters.